Ella and Eric were together for a couple of years. Eric cheated on Ella with Annie, then broke up with Ella to be with Annie. A few months went by, then Eric cheated on Annie with Ella. Annie found out and broke up with Eric. Now, Eric wants Ella back, and promises that he’s changed and that she’s the one. While Ella told herself that she was just in it for the vengeance sex, she still thinks they’re great together and is tempted to try again. Her friends tell her that she’s crazy for considering it, and that he’ll never change. But she misses Eric and misses having a boyfriend. Here are a few things Ella may want to think about:

  • Has Eric figured out why he’s cheated in the past?
  • Has he dealt with his own issues that caused his actions?
  • Has he sincerely apologized to Ella?
  • Have Eric and Ella together dealt with any couple-related issues that caused problems for them before?
  • Has Ella figured out what she needs from Eric to rebuild trust, and asked for those things, and has he agreed?

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